Q: Are ONLINE reservations required? 

..priority is given to on-line reservations (over hotel guests) for our

regular cruises ie: Gourmet, PikNik or for the Around Saint Martin Cruise, all you
need to do is fill in the online reservation form.,  (reply usually in less than 8 hours)


Q: Do you need a DEPOSIT?
A: Yes
...we require a 20% Deposit to secure your reservation. When we receive your

online reservation form we email you an acknowledgement for your date request and an
invoice from a reputable secure online service (Paypal) to process your deposit after which we
email you a confirmation. We refund deposits if the cruise is cancelled by the Captain.


Q: Are there still mud baths?
A: No
... the Reserve Naturelle has banned mud baths due to it being a nature preserve.
It is illegal to even bring your own.


Q: Is nudity allowed on Tintamarre?
A: Yes
...in the designated area


Q: What do we need to bring ?
A: Towels to sit on, sun lotion, footwear

 if you wish to stroll around & explore Tintamarre,a towel or pareo as
we are now restricted to being nude in the designated area
where our beach umbrellas are set up!

* If your going to ST.BARTHS clothes and  your passport are also required!


Q: Do you accept single guests?


Q: What about tipping?
A: Unlike most service businesses on the French side we do not include a service
charge in the all inclusive price of your cruise. Therefore tips are appreciated usually